Please find your match selection below. In the column labelled "Probs" are the current model probabilities for a Home, Draw or Away result (%) and the forecast for that particular game.

The column labelled BTTS is short for "Both Teams To Score". The column labelled Over 2.5 is for matches in which the total number of goals scored is more than 2. An example of this would be 2-1 that would mean over 2.5 goals. In both cases the probability as a % from our model is given.

The columns labelled "Home Form" and "Away Form" give the latest Home and Away form for the respective teams. This form will show last season's results if necessary. "Head to Head" gives the latest results between the two teams at the venue.

Click on any of the results or probs for further information. If a match has a Local Derby next to it, then it's a local derby.

Current league positions of the two teams are shown in [ ].

Note that the probabilities are based upon their present attack and defence parameters from the model as at 21 October 2021.

Match Probs BTTS >2.5 Home Form Away Form Head to Head Info
[12] Arsenal [13] Aston Villa
 60  22  19       H   53   55   W  W  L  W  W  D   L  W  L  L  W  L   W   L   W   W   W   L  Statistics
[1] Chelsea [20] Norwich
 90  10   0       H    0   41   L  W  W  W  L  W   W  D  L  L  L  D   W   W   W   D   W   W  Statistics
[15] Southampton [18] Burnley
 50  27  23       H   45   42   W  L  D  D  L  W   W  L  L  L  D  L   W   W   L   D   L   W  Statistics
[17] Leeds [10] Wolves
 43  26  30       D   52   47   W  W  D  L  L  W   L  L  L  W  W  W   W   L   W   L   L   L  Statistics
[8] Everton [16] Watford
 61  24  15       H   41   43   L  W  W  W  W  L   W  L  L  L  W  L   W   D   W   W   D   W  Statistics
[14] Crystal Palace [19] Newcastle
 47  27  26       H   46   41   W  L  D  W  D  D   W  W  L  L  D  L   D   W   D   D   W   L  Statistics
[4] Brighton [3] Man City
 14  20  66       A   47   52   D  W  W  L  W  D   W  L  L  W  W  D   L   L   L   W  Statistics
[7] West Ham [5] Tottenham Local Derby
 34  25  41       A   57   54   L  W  W  D  L  L   L  W  W  L  L  W   W   W   L   L   L   W  Statistics
[9] Brentford [11] Leicester
 52  26  22       H   45   42   W  W  W  L  D  L   W  L  L  W  L  D  Statistics
[6] Man United [2] Liverpool
 40  24  36       D   61   58   L  D  W  W  L  D   W  W  W  W  D  W   W   D   W   D   D   L  Statistics

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