Draw No Bet as a Football Betting Strategy

October 06, 2016

Draw No Bet as a Football Betting Strategy

Now days Draw No Bet is a bet type offered by most sportsbooks like William Hill, but ever since sports betting has exists punters have used the Draw No Bet as a betting strategy. All you need is a bet with three possible outcomes: Win, Lose or Draw. Football is an excellent sport to test the Draw No Bet, and it is a risk management tactic really perfect for first time bettors also known as Cover Bet.

What is Draw No Bet?

A player places two Win bets on the outcome of a game.

Bet #1 – A Win bet on one of the teams. What is known as a straight bet.

Bet #2 – A bet on the Draw, but staking just the necessary amount to recover from any loss on the Win bet just in case it doesn´t turn up.

Note: Most betting sites will forbid this type of action, as in their eyes you are trying to trick the system to secure the odds on your behalf. What they usually do is block any other bet that could act as a cover when you place the first one.

One of the ways to manually place a Cover Bet is to have at least two different sportsbook accounts, one with William Hill and another with a completely different sportsbook. Professional bettors will even go as far as to have multiple sportsbook accounts to take advantage of favorable odds and promotions.

The Draw No Bet Strategy

The Draw No Bet Strategy is simple to follow, it is not a betting system, just a strategy that can be used to cut losses inside whatever system you have in place.

1. Use this strategy on teams that tend to score first and then pull back. Some managers can be easily identified to play in this manner, they just cower back after the first goal. These will be second tier teams that have some offense power but not enough to hunger for more.

Draw No Bet is also much recommended when the field seems leveled, any team could be the winner.

2 Research the average goals per match between the two teams, and individually. If neither is a huge scorer, then a draw is a very possible outcome.

3. Draws and low score games are more common during direct elimination championships, like the final stages of the Euro Cup and World Cup, but not during the group stages.


William Hill Draw No Bet

William Hill now offer a bet type called the Draw No Bet, which is a variation of the Straight Bet. If the team you bet on wins, you win a certain amount (but a little bit lesser than if you have placed a traditional Straight bet).  If the match ends in a draw the stake is returned, so no winnings but no losses either.

As you can see with this bet type the idea is the same. The risk of losing your stake is reduced by increase the number of outcomes to two. Punters use it on matches were they are not so certain of the final result or favoritism on a certain team.

William Hill is one of the sportsbooks that offers the Draw No Bet betting option, you can click here to enjoy football betting coupons today! Players can use it in any type of sport with three outcomes especially with football and other sports as well like Rugby, American football etc. 

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