Will the Premier League Winner be Red or Blue?

April 30, 2019

Will the Premier League Winner be Red or Blue?


It has been a few years since we saw a title race quite so close as the one unfolding in front of us at the moment. For weeks now we have watched Liverpool and Manchester City switch places between first and second, seemingly locking in a mini battle all of their own. Clearly, there is no other team near enough to rival them, but which team will lift the cup at the end of the season? looks at the current state of play and who might take the title.

After their Manchester Derby win and then a 1-0 win against Burnley, City returned to the top of the table and have just two more games to play. Currently, they have 92 points, and there are six possible remaining points if they can beat Leicester City and Brighton, and for both of these games, they are the bookies favourite. If they win at both matches, they are unbeatable as this gives them 98, a total that Liverpool can no longer reach.

Liverpool also has two games left and six more points on offer, but this only gives them a final total of 97 which would leave them in second place. Their last games are with Newcastle and Wolves, and again in both they are the stronger team and the favourites to win, so neither City or Liverpool can afford any mistakes, and it is crucial that both games are won, but for City even more so if they want to lift the silverware for the second season in a row.

Both teams are playing well though, recording wins on their last five games, and fortunately not having to play each other again now. In terms of games, they have played 36 each this season, with City winning an impressive 30 of these, with Liverpool just being with 28 wins. Of the remaining games, City lost four and drew two, whereas Liverpool has only lost one game all seasons and drawn seven.

Last year when Manchester City won the title, they did so with a never before seen 100 points which was evidence that the standard of play seems to be heading upwards. It is certainly an idea that Pep Guardiola thinks is true and he credits the fact that the teams are scoring higher to a decent level of competition. He took time to thank his rivals with a strange statement but none the less a sweet sentiment "The standards we created, people know that you have to be close to 100 - before it was 90. This standard was last season, we helped Liverpool to achieve it, and Liverpool helped us to keep going, so thanks to Liverpool we are competing. Liverpool knows that to win you have to make a lot of points. That's what we communicate to anyone” For now the final positions are impossible to predict for sure, but looking at the recent form it would seem as though the title will be blue this year.