Suarez Flies Home

May 15, 2019

Suarez Flies Home


With the football season winding up for another year, the focus will switch to the transfer window and who will be bought and who will be sold. One player that already knows his fate is Suarez who has flown back to Spain and will not be returning to Arsenal after what can only be described as a disastrous loan as reports.

At one stage there was serious justification for questioning whether Suarez really had made the trip to Arsenal as he rarely appeared for the club. Fans are suitably unimpressed and have branded him the worst player ever, which is at least an accolade. In the six months he spent with the Gunner he played in just six games, made no assists, no goals and only came on as a sub, with a combined appearance time of just over one whole game. Suarez normally calls Barcelona home, and there is no love lost with Arsenal fans who quite cheerfully waved him off as he went back home with Arsenal not attempting to pay the release fee and keep him. Some might say it was just bad luck as he was plagued with injury, in a tale of woe that started before the ink was even dry. Arsene Wenger, on the other hand, is justified in sitting back and say ‘I told you so’ as new information emerged this week. Suarez was offered on loan for the second half of last season, and Wenger turned him down saying he couldn’t really see that there was any potential for the player to improve anything at the club. It seems he was right and Emery may well be regretting his decision, although it is unclear if he was aware of his predecessors' thoughts on the situation.

It seems as though he was a generally unpopular choice as he was also offered to both Southampton and Brighton and they too turned him down, denying him his Premier League hopes for a bit longer. However, it is safe to say he will go down in history in a bad way when it comes to his time at Arsenal. Plagued with injury, he did little to ingratiate himself with the fans and only appearing as a sub suggested that Emery was not as impressed as he would have hoped to be. He has returned to Spain for treatment and recuperation but whether he will be sold elsewhere during the transfer window remains to be seen. It would be understandable if UK clubs wanted to continue to give him a wide berth as he rather made a hash of things. He did send a tweet to fans to confirm he was leaving which said “Some issues with my groin have made things tough since the game against BATE Borisov in the Europa they have forced me to stop training altogether. After various medical consultations, the conclusion has been reached that I cannot keep on pushing it and I have started a period of treatment that cannot be done alongside competitive football.”  but it was not well received