The Latest Scoop on Arsenal Transfers

May 30, 2019

The Latest Scoop on Arsenal Transfers

With the Premier League fast approaching and Chelsea and Arsenal going head to head for the victory, many eyes have been focussed on the games ahead, making it an ideal moment for Arsenal to take advantage and forward think their next move. By following this link, you too can get in on the action set to take place in the upcoming weeks, however, keep your eye on the latest transfer news for future odd predictions.

Rumour has it that Arsenal boss, Unai Emery, is set to ride into battle with former club Paris Saint-Germian to steal the talented Thomas Meunier from the turned eye of Manchester United. Emery, with a keen eye for successful players, has been a good judge of character in the past and according to reports the young 27 year old Meunier has recently fallen out of favour but still shown a great spirit at the 2018 World Cup, making him the perfect candidate for teams like Arsenal and Manchester United.

After Thomas Meunier suffered from a knee injury last year in March, his return hasn’t been quite the same as expected. The return of DaniAlves also lessened Meunier’s favour, much to the dismay of many fans. Manchester United’s Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the other hand, well he has been a fan of Meunier and had obvious plans to swoop in and place the defender within the grips of his team.

Man U could use the expert skills of defence players as the team is in dire need of reinforcements and Ole Gunner Solskjaer is expected to fill a number of spots, making for a busy season up ahead for the Norwegian boss.

Now, under the whisperings from the French, Solskjaer will need to go head to head with Emery, who has a history with Meunier. Unai Emery signed the defender back in 2016 when he took over at club Paris Saint-Germian for £6.1million. With the history of both teams, the potential for growth and a new team to call home, Thomas Meunier could be the perfect defender given the right team and training. It is expected the defender will be signed for over £6.1million this time round and prices may rise substantially depending on how badly the professional football bosses want the player in the summer. It is estimated the player could potentially be worth £25 million or more simply to get the player out of his team in Paris.

Both teams are in need of defenders due to injuries or end of contracts, which could set Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin out of the season.

After the Premier League, it is guaranteed fans will be following closely all the on goings of activities leading up to the transfers of both Arsenal and Manchester United. The players taken in will determine the upcoming season and mean more work for the pro football bosses getting them into shape. Now it’s just a matter of time to see who will walk away with the 27 year old defender this summer.