How to leverage statistics and data for betting right in the premier league?

February 19, 2020

How to leverage statistics and data for betting right in the premier league?


Data is a beautiful thing. When you gain and analyse data on some event, you can confidently predict the failure or success of that event in the future. Thanks to the advent of several reliable websites that keeps track of different statistical aspects of the game. When you search online, you will know that there are a lot of advanced statistics available for you to work with when analyzing soccer betting markets. 

Today, bettors are making great use of the available data to refine their decisions and win big.

If you’re betting early, you must know every slight detail about the match and the right data source can help you with it. 

What are the best Statistics Sources for Premier League?

Although there are many reliable options available on the internet, one of the frequently used is WhoScored. It’s a fantastic website wholly dedicated to soccer data and is undoubtedly revolutionizing football statistics (which is their tagline as well). Apart from this, there are websites such as 11v11, which is extremely user-friendly and can help you in comparing the teams of your choice against each other. 

Another soccer stats based website with a vast database is SoccerStats. Their user interface is engaging and straightforward. The site presents the users with a team’s home and away record, their performance ratings, expected points per game, and other useful stats. 

Leveraging Fantasy Football Scouts

The fantasy football community is enormous and is filled with numerous influencers. However, it’s considered to be a pretty underrated medium of drawing assets. Being on social media is a boon, but multiple unreliable sources present on the platform can be a ban for the bettors. 

There are a few fantastic twitter accounts that posts statistics comparing different players and teams by taking metrics like xGA, xG, and expected clean sheets into account. You can also find stats related to individual players, that could help you in placing a bet on a player to score in a game. 

Here’s a list of some authentic and reliable twitter accounts that you must follow if you want to gain soccer stats and information:

Andy: the Youtuber, his videos are precise, short, and an accessible resource to learn all the useful information about upcoming or past matches or performance. 

Ben Crellin: the excel master, he is considered as a pro in analyzing the games, as he shares different excel sheets for various aspects of the game in his account. He’s a highly active user and keeps sharing useful insights with his followers. 

Fantasy Football Scout: If you’re targeting football premier league (FPL), then FFS is one of the most sophisticated and accessible sources for you to rely on. The scouts are also highly active in uploading individual analysis for every team which could be useful for you to analyse teams and its player’s output. 

If you’re curious or have questions about a game or a player, you could also go through Soccer Betting Sub on Reddit, which is a pretty active community and you wouldn’t have to wait to get an answer to your question.

Once you have gathered all the info you need, like current form & stats between the teams you should visit Max Free Bets and take advantage of a sign-up offer as well. 

Data can help you in many ways; it can help you figure out a team's weakness and its strengths. So, next time when you bet, make sure you analyze the data to make the increase the probabilities of you winning big.