The Betting Boom

March 04, 2020

The Betting Boom


As we welcome in the 2020, one thing cannot be doubted; the seemingly unstoppable rise of the betting industry not only in the UK but worldwide is undeniable. With such a metoric rise in such a lucrative niche it should come as absolutely no surprise that the betting industry as a whole is somewhat overcrowded in terms of choice & variation in betting for punters. Despite a few large brands seemingly having a "grip" of the top of the game, many "new kids on the block" are also entering the game trying to offer something both competitive and different.

Another aspect of the betting boom, across all sports (we're not just talking about football) is the significant rise in so called professional tipsters, stakers, backs, and tipping websites. These websites vary in terms of what they offer and indeed some platforms remain completely free; though generally speaking this marketplace is dominated with subscription type memberships where regular punters have an easy point of entry to sign up to a company who supposedly specialises in online betting and offers it's premium members "private tips" on all sports, admittedly though with a major squewed focus on the football betting market.

Football tipsters generally work like this; the tipster company operate a members only website where their customers (or soon to be customers) have to sign up with basic details. Often offering a free trial, this gives the users access to private betting tips including popular free footy tips in addition to a range of other sports, with each of our football tips being backed using the best bookmakers. After a determinate length of time, typically between 24 hours and 1 week, the new user will be prompted to sign-up with their credit card to a longer term; this can typically range anywhere from monthly to yearly access with savings on annual or sometimes even “lifetime plans”.

Confidence and indeed results of these self confessed professionals ranges widely but the positive thing for their customers and potential customers is that their results are published publicly after the specific tip on a game has concluded. As a result, this gives the punters a little bit of the power back as they can make their judgement on whether to signup or stay with the tipster based on their past and present performance.

Naturally, of course, should a tipster string together a run of successful bets this can lead to great exposure for their brand, and as such it's an ever changing industry with no real market leaders. Step forward, the next hot tipster please.