Asia Top Sports Betting Bookies

April 27, 2020

Asia Top Sports Betting Bookies


Sports betting continues to grow in popularity across Asia. Betting on sports such as football has long been a popular pastime around the continent. But now, more people than ever are placing sports bets with their favourite bookies. For those who are new to sports betting, though, the choice of bookies can be quite daunting. To an untrained eye, a lot of bookies out there look alike. To help you to pick which of Asia's top sports betting bookies is for you, we produced this guide.

Here are our top recommendations for anyone looking for a new bookie in Asia.

Maxbet Sports Bookie

We kick things off by looking at Maxbet, which is a very solid option for a sports betting bookie in Asia. This site - which was previously known as IBCBET - can be reached on desktop and mobile devices. The Maxbet sportsbook offers visitors a massive choice of different markets. Sports you can bet on if you choose to join Maxbet include obvious options such as football, basketball and baseball, which are three of the most popular sports to bet on in Asia. However, plenty of other options available for those who want to bet on a different type of sport. It is even possible to bet on the outcome of eSports for those who open up a Maxbet account.

In addition to the sportsbook at Maxbet, users are also able to play at the site's live casino. The live casino is a great alternative for anyone who is not able to visit a casino in person. Casino classics like the blackjack and roulette are among the games on offer at the live casino. Furthermore, Maxbet's casino has 75 other types of games that can be played. While the sportsbook is the main reason why people join Maxbet, the site has plenty of gambling options. When it comes to sports betting alone, there is no doubt Maxbet is near the top of the tree.

Maxbet can be accessed in a number of different countries in Asia. But three of the biggest Asian markets for this sports betting bookie are Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Sbobet Sports Bookie

Along with Maxbet, Sbobet is among Asia's top sports betting bookies for sure. This online bookie is licensed by the Philippines, so users can be assured that it is fully regulated. Having been founded back in 2004, Sbobet has a proud history of offering its services across Asia. Some football fans might remember that Sbobet was the main sponsor for Premier League football club West Ham during the 2012-2013 season. The company also previously sponsored Cardiff City. Sbobet has also had betting partnerships with several Premier League clubs. Awards are a great way to judge which companies are Asia's top sports betting bookies. Sbobet has won the Asian Operator of the Year award on two occasions, showing its class to users.

Sbobet is only licensed to operate in certain countries around the world, such as across Asia. This means that people who try to use the Sbobet bookie service in nations such as the United Kingdom will have to seek another option.


Imsports Sports Bookie

The last of our three recommendations for Asia's top sports betting bookies is Imsports, which joins Maxbet and Sbobet on the list. Claiming to be the number one sports bookie in Asia, it is hard to argue with them. Among the reasons to pick Imsports rather than another of Asia's top sports betting bookies is that bets are settled very quickly. This means that when you win, you get the money back as quickly as possible. And if there is no live sport to bet on, you can take advantage of this bookie's virtual sports offering. Virtual matches start every four minutes here. The Imsports website has been fully optimized for the Asian market, so customers seeking a great sports betting bookie will immediately feel right at home on the site. Cash-out is another feature offered by the Imsports bookie, allowing customers to lock in a profit on their bets.

Live streaming is also on the table, and there is a huge array of markets to pick from. As well as English, the site can be accessed in Asian languages such as Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese. Various different Asian currencies are also supported by the Imsports sports bookie site.

So there you have it - Maxbet, Sbobet and Imsports are three of the best Asia's top sports betting bookies available today!