The Future of Football After COVID-19

May 06, 2020

The Future of Football After COVID-19


After what certainly felt to be an interminable amount of time, it seems as if life will once again begin to return to a state of normalcy in the combing weeks. To be sure, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the world as we know it. Terms such as "lockdown" and "social distancing" are now commonplace and they are likely to remain with us for quite some time. However, it is also important to note that certain restrictions will remain in place for relatively long periods. Many activities which we took for granted at one time could be severely curtailed or even prohibited entirely. One perfect example involves the ability to attend a football match. With many hygienic measures set to become routine, how might fans and players react to the long-term effects of this current situation? Let's take a closer look.

Post-Corona Worries?

One of the main concerns involves the fact that no one is exactly sure when live matches will take place. Even after they are permitted, will stadiums enjoy previous levels of attendance? Whether referring to the Premiere League or a major competition such as the UEFA Championship, many fans will be wary of public spaces defined by large numbers of people (assuming that such gatherings are even allowed to take place).

The reactions of the players themselves is also important to take into account. We need to remember that football is a very physical sport. So, the threat of contagion is likely to be on everyone's mind for the immediate future. Might this affect the ways in which some individuals take to the pitch? Could it have an impact upon training sessions and if so, what does this mean for predicting the outcome of a specific match? These and other questions have yet to be answered.

Digital Alternatives

We have already seen many fans and sports betting enthusiasts take to the world of the Internet for the time being. Some have chosen to follow virtual football teams and similar competitions while others have taken a slight hiatus in order to enjoy other popular pastimes such as poker and roulette. Might this be a signal of things to come?

There is no doubt that the digital sporting community has continued to gain ground in recent years due to live streaming technology and the presence of countless mobile phone applications. This leads some industry experts to wonder if this very same medium could actually benefit from the present pandemic. While the verdict is still out, it is a foregone conclusion that sports-related websites will maintain their popularity even after the restrictions are lifted.

Of course, our favourite players will eventually return to the pitch and it will once again be possible to enjoy the heart-pounding action associated with a live football game. It is still uncertain how long this will take. Until then, a growing number of individuals will likely turn to the Internet in order to pass the time and remain informed along the way.