Founder Guerassim Nikolov Introduces the Kits for Africa Campaign from SportPesa

July 13, 2020

Founder Guerassim Nikolov Introduces the Kits for Africa Campaign from SportPesa


Kits for Africa is an initiative from SportPesa which encourages fans of football to donate used sports kits to grassroots teams from underprivileged areas in Africa. In the first two years since launch the initiative was proven to be a great success, collecting almost 30,000 kits and distributing them to African teams across the continent.

The programme was launched in 2016 and has attracted donations from international football partners including English Premier League teams. By 2019, the initiative had drawn in a record-breaking 75,000 kits as part of the campaign.

SportPesa was launched in 2014 by founder Guerassim Nikolov and has established itself as a caring and community-focused organisation over the past six years.


UK football teams that have actively supported the Kits for Africa initiative include Premier League squads Southampton F.C., Everton F.C. and Hull City F.C. Non-league club Loughborough Dynamo also joined and made a huge impact, encouraging supporters of the team to get involved and donating 22,000 pieces of kit, taking the total for the season that ended in 2019 to 45,000.

This achievement sparked further donations, with Hull and Everton both officially recognising the campaign during matches. SportPesa has established itself as a keen supporter of grassroots football in Africa and the success of this campaign stands testament to the tireless work of the team and its partners.

Getting Involved

Donations of kit can be made not only by football clubs themselves but also by individual supporters who want to participate in the Kits for Africa campaign. Partner clubs – which include Torino F.C. alongside the English teams – are collecting kits within their official shops and offering advice on where to post old kits for donation.

Thika Town Event

In November 2019, multiple football teams gathered on the outskirts of the town centre at Thika Municipal Stadium to collect thousands of donated kits from the SportPesa Kits for Africa team.

Spokesperson Bob Kariuki, Thika All Stars F.C. coach, expressed his gratitude to the assembled group, citing the difficulties Kenyan football is currently facing and emphasising how gestures such as this make the players and managers want to keep trying.

A total of around 50 teams were represented at the Thika event and were able to benefit from much-needed donations of kit for practice and matches. The Head of Public Relations at SportPesa announced how pleased the organisation was to be able to help, stressing the importance SportPesa places on nurturing football talent in Kenya.