The Race for The Premier League Title 2021-22

October 28, 2021

The Race for The Premier League Title 2021-22


We’re starting to get well into the new season and there are only more questions being raised. But the main one is simply who will be the team that lifts the trophy at the end of the season? Many believed, at the start of the season, that again it would be a race between the 2019/20 Champions, Liverpool and the current champions and five-time title holders Manchester City, but Chelsea are certainly not going to let them have their own way - and a renewed Man U side, especially with the return of Cristiano Ronaldo will be at least looking to make a threat. The odds are changing with each and every game that is played, and top sites such as are always making sure that they offer the most up to date odds and markets to reflect exactly what is happening. So, let’s look at the teams the Boylesport website thinks are in the race this year…

Manchester City 

The favourites this year is the current titleholder, Manchester City. They are widely tipped by most bookies to successfully defend their title, despite not being top of the table from the start. Last season the Manchester Cityiens managed to beat their Mancunian rivals by an impressive 12 points to nab the crown, despite the start of the season being impacted by the world’s crises.

However, when push came to chive, the team managed to cement their place at the top of the league as the season came to a close - and whilst other top teams saw form dipping, the Mancs simply used this as an opportunity to hit their form and leapfrog those above them. It was a great season for the club overall - and they nearly managed to get the quadruple - winning the Premier League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup…. but fell at the final hurdle. Despite being the top favourites to take home the Champions League crown, they were felled by the London Club Chelsea who put paid to the dream of their first-ever Champions League win. They will be looking to not only keep their Premier League crown but also take that next step in the Champions League - but Chelsea is looking stronger than ever and might put the kibosh on their dreams yet again.


Klopp’s team is a dream team and the passion and belief that surrounds the team is phenomenal. They have an inner self-belief that resonates through every single player in the team - and even when the chips look down, they somehow manage to turn the tide. The team managed a very convincing win in 2019/20, despite what was happening in the world - and the celebrations were immense. Last season saw the reds falter… and at one point it looked doubtful as to whether they could even make a top-four spot. However, with a sense of fervour, a magnificent goal from Becker and a strength from deep within, they defied the odds to take the 3rd spot. Mane, Salah and Firmino seem to be on form this season so far - and the return of Van Dijk is also a big boost to the team. They will certainly be ones that could halt the Mancunians dreams of retaining the title.


Fellow German Manager, Tuchel, is definitely making a huge impact at the London club. At the beginning of last season, under Lampard, the club was struggling to stay near the top of the table, but Tuchel came and turned that around. His arrival turned around the fortunes of the team. Not only did they manage to get a top-four finish at the end of the last season, knocking out their Spurs rivals into Europa League contention. To top off the season, despite going in as underdogs, they not only reached the Champions League finals but managed to deny Guardiola’s men their first Champions League title and took home the silverware… making short work of the Premier League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup winners. 

They have gone into this new season with the same momentum and are sitting pretty at the top right now, certainly giving the Chelsea fans reasons for optimism.

So, who will it be? All three have every chance of winning the league again this season, and everything could change in the blink of an eye...