Did the supercomputer predictions of the premier league get it right?

November 18, 2021

Did the supercomputer predictions of the premier league get it right?


In the course of FA premier league season, we normally have several supercomputers making predictions on how the final table will be. Those who have followed these predictions will tell you none of them ever come close to what the end-of-the-table reads. However, the prediction attracts a lot of attention from football fans and betting enthusiasts. Although you will not get such predictions at Mightytips, you are guaranteed information that will help you get a great betting experience.

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Supercomputers prediction

Mightytips have not done a similar prediction but have some analysis that can help you understand the supercomputer outcomes. If you visit and other pages at Mightytips, this information is easily accessible. Back to our topic of the day, there have been many predictions in the past but none has attracted the attention that the latest Football Web Pages has produced.

The attention and more so the criticism that the predictions have received shows just what many would have preferred. Many were angered by what the supercomputer predicted, they want a different outcome. It is important to remember that this is just a prediction of the game. Many would refer to it as premier league fantasy football results.

If you are betting on your favorite team to win the football England Premier League, the supercomputer predictions should not worry you; furthermore, an analysis of the predictions trends shows that most of them never turn out as predicted. They normally say that a prediction is as good as a model. If the model that was used in premier league football is flawed as many claims, then you expect predictions that are nowhere near the results at the end of the table.

Chelsea exemplary performance

This supercomputer prediction had it that Chelsea will take the league and by ten clear points. In addition to this win, the model predicted that Chelsea will have only conceded four goals in the whole season. Premier League Football analysts have reacted by trashing the predictions, some call it a whacky model which has given ridiculous results.

Elsewhere, Brentford, a team that was promoted last season to football England Premier league is predicted to finish in position four in the table right ahead of Manchester who is expected to be the fifth team. Southampton, according to the model is expected to continue showing poor performance.

They are predicted to complete the season without any win on their matches, both at home and away. These predictions have angered many especially Manchester City, Liverpool, and Manchester United fans. They all expect their teams to perform better than the model predicts. Liverpool fans expect that their team will come back from the world cup qualifiers break better and are ready to top the table once again and hold it until the end of the Football England Premier League.

Whether this will happen, only time will tell. The first match after the break will be against Arsenal. In this match, Liverpool is expected to win but given that Arsenal has been in good form off-late, anything can be expected. Manchester City fans also have the same expectation; nothing stands on the way to their defense of the title.

Although they are three points behind the leaders, the team expects to catch up soon. They expect to maintain their performance where they have only lost 18 percent of the played matches. Although Chelsea has lost only ten percent of their matches, Manchester City fans expect to reduce the losses and draw to catch up with Chelsea.

The model seemed to ignore the West Ham superb performance this season. The David Moyes boys are expected to surprise many, the kind of performance they have shown in the first eleven matches has many predicting first or second position in the table. The team which is currently in the fourth position has won seven matches, drew and lost two. If Chelsea is beaten by Leicester City in their twelfth match, the only thing that will be separating West Ham will be the goal difference.

Manchester United has had a poor performance in their last three matches, although they might come back strong some feel that the supercomputer prediction was fair to the team by placing it at position five. What many do not understand is why the Supercomputer placed the newly promoted team at the top four. Currently, Brentford is at position fourteen, one place behind Southampton which the supercomputer predicted will lose most of the matches.

It will take a miracle for Brentford to finish in the first half of the premier league table. For the team to finish at position four it will be a tall order:

  • It means winning all their matches and doing it with a good margin.
  • Currently, they have lost forty-five percent of their matches and they are unlikely to recover from this shock.

Although Mightytips has not given any predictions on how the Premier League football table will end, it encourages premier league fantasy football as it allows fans to discuss the tournament and get to understand the games better.