What’s the deal with crypto and football?

April 05, 2022

What’s the deal with crypto and football?


We know what you’re thinking. What could these two possibly have in common? Well, we’ll get there soon enough. Think of how many times a day you hear the words blockchain and crypto are words we hear everyday. The answer is a lot, so it’s not really surprising that cryptocurrencies weaseled their way into different industries, such as football. 

What links crypto to football? 

When you really think about it, the relationship between crypto and football isn’t all that surprising. Having the current inflation in mind, crypto payments are the logical step. 

Today, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are a totally legit payment method. It’s only a matter of time before football players set their eyes on crypto. As a matter of fact, it’s already begun. David Barral’s last year transfer to DUX International de Madrid was paid for in crypto, or more precisely, in Bitcoin. 

Take note that this isn’t the only evident proof of  crypto’s impact on football. For instance, Juventus announced the  launch of a crypto token for the fans in 2018. The fan token would let fans respond to team-related ballots, further strengthening the relationship between fans and the club. 

Then, of course, we also have NFTs. The NFT sector is very popular in football right now. Meaning, we now have clubs, leagues, and football players making digital assets. More concretely,  there’s Neymar who’s also started promoting these assets very recently. 

Cryptocurrency - what the future holds

Many people are familiar with the notion of crypto-friendly casinos. But there’s also crypto casinos. As the name would suggest, crypto casinos deal exclusively in their namesake, cryptocurrencies, like Ether and Bitcoin. Then again, the main payment method in those crypto-friendly casinos is fiat currencies. They do, however, accept an occasional crypto payment. Learn more about crypto casinos by visiting a crypto casino review site. 

Is crypto here to stay?

To conclude, new cryptocurrencies are coming out all the time now, so it's safe to assume they’re not going anywhere. Football, along with other industries, looks to make use of its financial power.

Consequently, players, clubs and leagues are becoming aware of their benefits. Bitcoin payments, NFT and tokens are only a start. Betting on your favorite football team has never been easier. After all, there’s a whole lot of options to choose from. In light of this, why not bet on your favorite football team with crypto?